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The dumbest thing

I actually feel a bit sad, but very embarrassed for people who use this "You're turning gay children into trans children because you're homophobic" argument as Kemi Baddenoch has done this week. It is ridiculous across every measurable dimension...

1) You can reasonably expect some fluidity in sexuality in people who are gender questioning as a group, so that will also be possibly evident in detransitioners... doesn't mean anything

2) If this were true the rates of detransitioning would be way higher as they grew up and GI resolved

3) Seriously suggesting that clinicians are that homophobic but not that transphobic?

4) Trans people retain their sexuality and many become gay or lesbian after their transition 

5) There is no credible evidence of this that I have seen

6) People who make this argument may be betraying more about their own attitudes towards sexuality than they are about the loving parents and clincians of trans youth

Nonsense arguments, reused homophobic rhetoric and biased sophistry. We don't need to worry about this attempt to split the LGB from the T. It's already failing miserably.

Most transgender people do not identify as cishet after transition. So this would literally be the dumbest way to prevent people from becoming gay.

Clickety-click for some A grade stats from the National Transgender Discrimination Survey:

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