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Own Your ADHD is a clinical psychology practice, offering services to individuals looking to improve their functioning, raise their quality of life and develop their understanding of their strengths and needs.

Assessment & Diagnosis

ADHD diagnosis, autism spectrum diagnosis and mental health diagnosis can all be offered by Own Your ADHD. These approaches may or may not use standardised assessment instruments and will vary depending on presenting difficulties.


From diagnosis, to referral for medication, through to psychotherapy, ADHD coaching and in work support.

You can consider one to one input, group ADHD coaching and in-work support depending on your needs


OCD is a mental health presentation that is often poorly managed for people with ADHD and ASD.

We provide evidence based treatment, from a background of experience for OCD where ADHD and/or ASD might also be present. Offering 1-1 sessions and intensive at-home programmes we can provide meaningful and relevant input.


We are proud to be able to offer this support. With a background of established experience in the return to work sector, we can advocate for our clients and help employers to understand the needs of their employees.


We also offer diagnostics and intervention for most presentations e.g. trauma, personality presentations, anxiety, depression and also is proud to offer LGBTQ+ affirmative approaches.


Autism spectrum presentation often co-exists with ADHD , complicates or overshadows the diagnosis, is frequently handled by a different clinic in the NHS with a different waiting list and can be left unmanaged. We offer high quality autism diagnosis and support. 

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